Watermark’s product line continues to expand offering bakery products, baking ingredients, pastry ingredients, desserts, meat/cheese/antipasto products, cooking ingredients, prepared foods, grocery items, accessories & packaging, vegan & gluten-free options, as well as our own Leo’s Bakery products.

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Product Catalog

Baking / Sweet

Leo’s Bakery Products

Made on-site in our manufacturing facility, Leo’s Bakery products are produced to be sold via our retail store Leo’s Bakery & Deli, as well as for wholesale distribution via Watermark Specialty Foods. There are dozens of frozen or finished products to choose from including cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, muffins, and pastries.

Bakery Products (Other Brands)

Watermark offers many other bakery products as well – frozen items including bread dough, par baked bread, cookie dough, and muffin batter by brands such as Ace, Hope’s, Jacqueline’s, and Bake n’ Joy, as well as ready-to-eat cookies from Continental Cookies, and Biscotti Brother’s. Some featured items include cookie dough from Hope’s, baguettes and glossy burger buns from Ace, and breakfast breads from Bake n’ Joy.

Baking Ingredients

Our baking ingredients range from fillings, mixes, and jams, to dairy, flour, and shortening, to extracts, sugar, sprinkles, and nuts. Top brand names include Henry and Henry, Pillsbury, Abel & Shafer, Dreidopple, King Arthur, Decopac, Hero, and Domino. King Arthur special patent flour is one of our featured products.

Pastry Ingredients

Our pastry ingredients category includes items such as baking chocolate, chocolate cups and decorations, purees, pastry doughs, tart shells, and various molecular gastronomy items. Top brand names include Noel, Valrhona, Pastry 1, ifi Gourmet, Cuisine Tech, and Ravifruit. Noel chocolate buttons, Ravifruit purees, and our Watermark branded raw pastry doughs are some of our featured products.


Watermark also offers several dessert items – frozen desserts in various sizes (mini, individual, full), gelato, sorbet, and dessert toppings. Top brands include Eli’s, Hoff’s, Lawler’s, Alessi, G.S. Gelato, Bridor, and Lecoq Cuisine. Some of our featured products include gelato from G.S. Gelato and cakes from Hoff’s Bakery.

Cooking / Savory


Deli meats, charcuterie, cheeses, grilled vegetables, and olives are offered via NY Creamery, Galbani, Licini, Citterio, Artisan Meats, Frutto D’Italia, Vantia, Del Destino. Some of our featured products are locally sourced meats and cheeses from Artisan Meats, Old Chatham Creamery, and Lively Run Goat Dairy Farm & Creamery.

Cooking Ingredients

Our cooking ingredients range from nuts, dried fruits, beans, spices, and herbs, to oils, vinegars, dressings, sauces, and bases, to grains, and frozen or dry pastas. Brands to note include DeCecco, Celebrity, De Choix, Tierra De Espana, Hellman’s, Supherb, and Armanino. We also feature a full line of Watermark branded spices.

Prepared Foods

Our prepared foods offerings include a selection of frozen hors d’oeuvres and soups from Van Lang and TrueSoups. Artichoke beignets from Van Lang are a featured hors d’oeuvre.


Various grocery products are offered including specialty juices & beverages, snacks, bar supplies, and Asian ingredients/foods. Notable brands and items include Angostura, chips from Deep River Snacks, nut and oat milks from Califia Farms, and local products including honey from Doan’s Honey Farm, maple syrup from Maxon Estate Farms, and cold-pressed juices from Red Jacket Orchards.

Other Products

Accessories & Packaging

We also offer a selection of baking supplies, cooking supplies, and specialty packaging items such as parchment paper and Ateco pastry bags.

Dietary Options

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and sugar-free products are available as well. Items of note include gluten-free cookie dough, gluten-free pizza crust, and Hellman’s vegan mayonnaise.